One day how

A small riv er named Du den flows by their place and sup plies it with the nec es sary regelialia. It is a par adis e mat ic coun try, in which roast ed parts of sen tences fly in to your mouth. Even the all-pow er ful Point ing has no con trol about the blind texts it is an al most un ortho graph ic life One day how ev er a small line of blind text by the name of Lorem Ip sum de cid ed to leave for the far World of Gram mar. The Big Ox mox ad vised her not to do so, be cause there were thou sands of bad Com­mas, wild Ques tion Marks and de vi ous Semikoli, but the Lit tle Blind Text didn’t lis ten. She packed her sev en ver salia, put her ini tial in to the belt and made her self on the way. When she reached the first hills of the Ital ic Moun tains, she had a last view back on the sky line of her home town Book marks­grove, the head line of Al pha bet Vil lage and the sub line of her own road, the Line Lane. Far far away, be hind the word moun tains, far from the coun tries Vokalia and Con so nan tia, there live the blind texts. Sep a rat ed they live in Book marks grove right at the coast of the Se man tics, a large lan guage ocean.

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